Hello, Again.

So, it’s been awhile, how’s everybody doing?


Great, glad to hear it.

Where have I been? you ask. (I assume; I can’t really read your mind, although that would be really cool; unless it’s just really mundane things like grocery lists and you wondering if you left the stove on, or if you’re secretly a sociopath; things could get weird. I should probably get back to the point, though, this is getting a bit off topic.)

I haven’t really been writing lately due partly to some ongoing health issues affecting my memory and concentration. Because of this it has been hard for me to remember ideas or stick with them long enough to actually produce a finished product, not to mention that the harder I work my brain the more pain I cause myself, literally. All of that can kinda bum me out and make me less inclined to keep trying to write. On the other hand, not writing also bums me out, so it’s been a fight to see which side wins.

So I will no longer be writing anything (except for this, of course) ….



(I know, I know, it’s a dumb joke but it’s my blog and I can do what I want.)

Obviously, because I bothered to write this silly piece in the first place, there will be more articles, rants, and general silliness again coming from the Bat Cave in the near future and beyond. (Because Batman never sleeps! Seriously, it’s like 4am right now, why am I awake?)

In the aim of keeping to that promise, I will be setting myself a goal to post something new every two weeks, going forward. If it goes better than expected I may produce more, perhaps every week, and if it goes worse, well, that would be disappointing (High stakes, I know. Maybe I’ll make myself run laps or something, I could use the exercise anyway, not really big on running, though I guess that’s why it would be motivating? I think I strayed from the point again, really need to keep on that.)

Welcome back to the Bat Cave!