A Collection of Random and Unrelated Poems

For Stephen

Your sweet smile, your gentle soul
Shines brightly even now
Your heart of gold, your laughter too
Can still fill up a room
No longer here to hold us near
But your memory within us we hold dear
Still there through dark and light
Forever and always within our sight
Our love for you shines brightly too
Every day of the year

Darkness and Light

The fire rises
The heat intensifies
Pulse beats faster
Darkness rises
Light pains
Breath quickens
Pain is life
Life is darkness
Future unending


Light blooms against the dark night
Snowflakes flashing before my eyes
So bright the colours, dimming swiftly to black
Beauty and pain intermingled

Winter’s Delight

Winter’s breath upon my neck
Sweet scent of spruce pervading
Crunching snowfall sounding underfoot
Taste of peppermint invading
‘Tis the Christmas season
See love and joy abounding


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