Playing with Letters A-E

Alarming asthmatics

aerate astoundingly

attempting aerial acrobatics.

Beautiful butterflies

bounce bravely

between braking buses

before beaming blithely

betwixt burnished beams.

Craven characters

crowd curious chaps

copping coins criminally.

Dapper Dames

deploy devious

dramatic designs

disarming dangerous Dukes.

Elevated eyries

establish elegant escapes,

entrancing enraptured Earls

enjoying excellent eclectic ecosystems.








Life awash in fog

Glimpses of remembrance

Grainy and dim snapshots of time

Details lost, only outlines linger

Time scrubs the remnants to emptiness

Fog thickens, what remains?

A life wandering through empty worlds

Night Terrors

Darkness falls and Shadows rise

An eerie glow before mine eyes

Movement flits across the night

What lies in the darkness of my sight?

Dangers lurking just out of reach

Looming, hunting as I try to sleep

Is it truth or a frightened mind?

How can one know when he is blind?